Facility Alerts and Updates

Find information on alerts, closures and hazards for trails, parks and facilities operated by Columbus Recreation and Parks Department.


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Active Updates

Riverside Green Park

June 24 – July 31

The Riverside Green Park Shelter house is currently in the process of being replaced. This project includes a new open air shelter house along with a grill and new amenities. The shelter is planned to be complete and opened by July 31. Although the park itself is still open for use, use caution and avoid the shelter construction area that is outlined by fencing.

Olentangy Greenway

June 2024 – October 2025

Olentangy Trail will be under construction from Summer 2024 to fall 2025 due to the Olentangy Trail – Northmoor Clinton Como project (1006) and Olentangy Trail – Dodridge Step Connector (1047) project. The former will provide detour routes, the latter should not disrupt trail traffic, but construction will be alongside the trail.

White X in a red circle to indicte closure

Weinland Park 

Summer 2024

The playground at Weinland Park has been temporarily removed. The department is working to install new playground equipment at this park within the next several months. In the meantime, please enjoy some of the other nearby playgrounds, such as Thompson Park and Indianola Park.

Scioto Trail Closure

August 2023 – summer 2024

The south side of the Scioto Trail is closed to allow for the construction of a a new pedestrian bridge over the Scioto River and a new trail along Souder Avenue to West Broad Street. Read more about the project.

Detour: A temporary detour path has been constructed on the north side of the Scioto River, which will allow the path to remain open heading upstream to Fifth Avenue. Please adhere to this designated detour.

Griggs Park Drive Closure

Griggs Park Drive will be closed to all traffic beginning Feb. 12 for construction.

The parking lot will remain open, and the one-way northbound service drive will be temporarily changed to two-way traffic between the north end of the parking lot and Lakinhurst Drive. All southbound traffic to Riverside Drive can exit at Lakinhurst Drive. All northbound Riverside Drive traffic can continue northbound on the service drive and exit to Riverside Drive at Lane Avenue. Access to the south end of the park will be located at 2929 Riverside Drive, 43221.