Paddlesports Lockers

Columbus Recreation and Parks Department is proud to offer 16 rentable paddlesports lockers for you to store your paddlesports equipment close to the water for use! These lockers are rented out for the entire year; there are no short-term rental options.

Lower Olentangy Paddlesports Lockers

General Information

Annual rentals run Jan. 1 through Dec. 31
$300 per calendar year – Non-refundable
First year is prorated for month reserved
During September 2023, the cost would be $100 for the remainder of the year
650 Nationwide Blvd. Columbus, OH 43215
16 total lockers available at the site
3’ wide x 1’8” tall x 16’ deep

Availability and Rentals

  • Check availability online. To check, please follow these steps:
    1. Click link to visit ACTIVENet®
    2. Click on “Check on center map” under any of the search results on ACTIVENet®
    3. Set date in drop down to see live availability


  • Rentals are done in-person at the Jerry Hammond Center
    1111 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43205 – Free surface parking available. Go in the front door, and you will be directed to the Rental Services desk located in Suite 103.

    • Bring a copy of your boat registration

Conditions and Guidelines

  1. Paddlesports lockers are an annual rental permit running the calendar year from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.
  2. Available lockers may be rented anytime throughout the year and may be renewed starting in November of each year.
  3. All vessels stored in a rental locker must be removed by Dec. 31 unless it is renewed for the following year. The permitee will be contacted if a vessel remains in a locker on Jan. 1. Locks will be subject to be cut and the vessel impounded if not removed by a given deadline.
  4. Vessels stored on-site must have a valid Ohio registration with a copy on file with Columbus Recreation and Parks Department.
  5. Locker rental fees are non-refundable.
  6. Lockers are not transferable. If you sell your vessel, the new owner will not be permitted to keep the vessel in the locker.
  7. The security of the locker is the responsibility of the individual renting the locker. Once a locker is rented, the department will remove its lock from the rented locker, and the permitee may affix a personal lock to the locker.
  8. Columbus Recreation and Parks Department is not liable for any theft or vandalism to the storage locker. It is recommended that the permittee use hardened locks that cannot easily be cut with hand tools.
  9. Your lock must remain on the locker for the duration of your rental. Any unsecured lockers will be secured with a department lock and regaining access will have to be coordinated with department staff.
  10. If at any time you pull your vessel and remove the lock and have no plans for continued use, you must notify Columbus Recreation and Parks Department immediately so we may replace our lock to the locker to ensure security.
  11. If at any time you change the vessel that is stored in the locker, you must notify Columbus Recreation and Parks Department so we may update that information within our system.
  12. All vessels must be properly secured and maintained. Damage to lockers, other boats, launch ramps or water quality may be cause for forfeiture of the locker without a refund.
  13. Water levels may fluctuate based on consumption, dam repairs, drought or rainfall. Use extreme caution during periods of low or high water as it may adversely affect boating. Refunds will not be issued for difficulties associated with water level fluctuation.
  14. Renters must be familiar with the Columbus City Code(s) that apply to the location where the vessel will be stored and operated:
    • CCC – 01-1 – Vessel and operations on waterways
    • CCC – 01-2 – Vessels and operations on the downtown Scioto River Pool