Dodge Skatepark Improvements

Dodge Skatepark Improvements

About the Project

The iconic Dodge Park Skatepark was designed by Frank Hawk, father to famous skateboarder Tony Hawk, and constructed in 1990. It was the first public skatepark in a city where skateboarding was outlawed in most public places and was the only skatepark within the I-270 loop. Dodge Skatepark is still heavily used by residents and is popular with skateboarders around the country. As a well-used amenity, Dodge Skatepark needs an immediate restoration. Additionally, a master plan is needed to determine replacement cost, other enhancements and an expansion area so it can continue to serve the public for the next 20+ years.

This project will make temporary (4-5 year) improvements to increase safety and improve the experience for users and develop a master plan for future replacement and potential expansion. The City will use community input and previous skatepark expansion designs to shape the master plan.

Project Timeline

August 2023

Public engagement survey and online public open house

Fall 2023

Construction for temporary improvements