Leisure Cards

The Columbus Recreation and Parks Department uses a photo ID card system, known as “Leisure Cards,” to safely identify participants during admission to our swimming pools and community recreation centers. In order to take advantage of the great programs and facilities we offer around Columbus you must obtain a Leisure Card. We require Leisure Cards for any individual over the age of six. (Children five and under are free with the company of a parent or guardian.) Leisure Cards only cost $1 (new or renewed), and are good for three years from the date of purchase. Creating a new online registration account prior to applying for a new Leisure Card is not necessary, but can help expedite the process.

Accepted Forms of Identification

Under 18
Leisure card application form completed by parent or guardian
Account created online by parent or guardian

18 & Over
Driver’s License (U.S or Canada)
School Photo ID
Current Employee Photo ID
Current Military Photo ID
Valid unexpired passport

Participating Locations

All our community centers have the capability to print leisure cards with exception of Martin Janis, Cultural Arts Center and the Franklin Park Adventure Center. Centers vary in the days and hours that they produce Leisure Cards. Please contact your center for their specific hours.

Community Centers

Replacement and Renewal

Leisure Card replacement is $1 (Anyone that had a card, but needs a new one.)

Membership renewal is $1 (Anyone with an expired card.)