Non-Motorized Watercraft Vendor Application

Non-Motorized Watercraft Provider - Vendor Permit Application

Thank you for your interest in providing Non-Motorized Watercraft Services and equipment at the City of Columbus Reservoirs and Water Trails operated by the, Recreation and Parks Department (“CRPD”). Enclosed is the application for a Vendor’s Permit. In this instance, Vendor is defined as an individual or company that provides Non-Motorized Watercraft services or goods to individuals for a price. Please read the following application requirements and conditions carefully. It is recommended that completed applications be returned to the CRPD Rental Services Section no less than thirty (30) days prior to the first date of providing services. Below is a list of conditions that apply to all applications.

Applicant Name(Required)
Is The Vendor Organization a Non-Profit?
If Yes, please attach proof of non-profit status
Groups of 1 trailer, approx. 12 vessels or less, do not need to schedule an exact launch site location with CRPD.
Desired Reservoir(s)(Required)
First Date Of Service Provided(Required)
Last Date Of Service Provided(Required)
Daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Please be specific on days of week/time of service
Types of vessels, trailers, tents, etc.
Will Staff Accompany Customers During The Trip(Required)
Attach related materials as needed
Checklist Items To Provide With Application(Required)
Application will not be processed until all items are received
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 300 MB, Max. files: 5.
    I, the applicant, understand that I am responsible to provide all information necessary to meet the conditions and requirements of the application process and that providing such materials is no guarantee that the proposed activities will be permitted. I further accept responsibility to meet all CRPD requirements, including proper insurance, to make the proposed activities safe and successful. I verify that I have read and understand this application and the conditions under which my request will be considered. I acknowledge that by typing my name in the above block, that this serves as a digital signature and I accept all terms and conditions involved.

    Upon approval of this application from the Recreation and Parks Department, you have the option to have your information listed on our website as a “Permitted Vendor”. If you would like to have your information listed on the Recreation and Parks website, please list how you would like your information listed below:(Required)