Open Air Shelters Expectations and FAQ

Below is some information on what you can expect on the day of your event as well as the answers to some frequently asked questions.


What you can expect from us on your event day:

  • We will post a sign on the shelter with your name and time reserved prior to your event date.
  • We will clean and remove the trash the day before or the day of your rental.
  • Due to the open nature of these facilities, other groups may utilize the shelter prior to your arrival and after we clean the facility.  While we do our best to have the facility free of trash or debris, please allow a few extra minutes prior to your rental to tidy up the shelter and wipe down picnic tables if you prefer.
  • If there is another group utilizing the shelter during your time and they refuse to leave, you can contact us by leaving a message with a callback number at 614-631-4562.
  • This will notify all staff members on the duty of the message and you will receive a callback.

What we expect of you on your event day:

  • Arrive when your reservation time starts and depart when your reservation time ends.
  • Treat the facility with respect to ensure the next group’s event is also enjoyable.
  • Place all event-generated trash into the trash cans at the conclusion of your event.
  • Remove all items that belong to you at the conclusion of your event.
  • Refrain from using glitter, confetti, confetti balloons or other decorations that are extremely difficult to clean as well as harmful to the environment.
  • If there is another rental after yours, please make sure you are out of the shelter at the end of your rental time.
  • If there is no rental after you, the shelter will revert back to use on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Leave the facility in the same condition it was found upon arrival.
  • Contact us if there are any issues or if you need anything throughout the duration of your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to request a reservation?

All reservation requests, or changes to an existing reservation, must be requested seven days or more prior to the event date. We are unable to guarantee accommodations within seven days of the event date. Reservations can be made up to one year in advance from the event date.

When may I access the facility?

The facility will be available at the start of your reserved time. For example, if your reservation starts at 10 a.m., you may arrive at 10 a.m. to start your event.

When do I have to leave the facility?

You must be out of the facility by the end of your reserved time. For example, if your reservation ends at 4 p.m., you must be cleaned up and out of the facility by 4 p.m.

What comes with the facility rental?

We supply tables and trash cans with bags. Additional amenities within the park can be utilized on a first come first serve basis.

Does the facility have a grill?

A few locations are equipped with grills that can be used. If the location does not have a grill, you are welcome to bring one of your own. Please make sure all coals are fully extinguished and properly disposed of at the conclusion of your event.

Does the facility have electricity?

No. None of our open-air shelters have electricity. If you need power, you are welcome to bring a generator to utilize during your event.

What am I responsible for cleaning up?

You are responsible for removing your personal belongings. We ask that you place all event-generated trash, including decorations, into the trash can that will be provided. Our staff will be responsible for removing full trash bags.

Can we have alcohol?

No. Alcohol is strictly prohibited within our parks.

What are the rules and regulations of the facility?

Our rental rules can be found on the Open Air Shelters facility page.

Do we have to share the facility with any other groups?

No, the facility is yours only during your reservation.

What if I need more time or am running late at the end of the event?

Due to the possibility of reservations taking place after yours, we cannot allow for more time at the end of your event. If you think you will need more time for event, please plan ahead of time and contact our office to see if we will be able to accommodate.

Can we set up tents outside of the facility?

You may set up 10’x10′ popup tents but they cannot be staked into the ground. They must be secured with water barrels, sandbags or cinder blocks. With prior approval, you may set up a larger tent. However, any tent that is larger than 400 square feet must obtain further permitting through the office of Building and Zoning Services.

Can we have a bounce house?

Inflatable devices, trampolines, slides, and other similar devices are not permitted unless you make arrangements with the Rental Services Section prior to your event. The permit holder must provide proof of public liability insurance, naming the City of Columbus as additionally insured, for the date of the event at least 15 calendar days prior to your rental. If the use of such equipment has been approved, they may not be used under the Open Air Shelter and may only be used outdoors, at locations designated by our office. Dunk tanks are prohibited.