Fitness Classes

Fifty Plus

Our 50+ fitness classes focus on providing safe classes to improve the health and well-being of seniors. These classes are generally low-impact and focus on balance, flexibility and increasing muscle strength and energy levels. Some examples of our 50+ classes are: Cycling for Seniors, 50+ Senior Walking Group, Line Dancing, Chair Fitness, etc.


High Intensity

High-Intensity classes use a variety of movements and exercises to increase your heart rate. These classes are fast-paced, high energy and incorporate the total body. Some examples of classes are: Bootcamp, Cardio-Fit, HIIT Training, Cycling, etc.



Strength classes use resistance training to improve muscle stability and endurance. Strength classes use a variety of equipment to increase the workload to increase muscle strength over time. Some examples of strength classes are: Weightlifting, Toning and Weights, Full Body Conditioning, etc


Stretching and Mindfulness

Mindfulness classes are low-intensity classes that focus on breathing, form, flexibility and calming the body and mind through movement. Some examples of these classes are: Yoga, Tai Chi, Stretching, etc.



Youth classes teach the fundamentals of exercise and movement through a variety of movement, exercise and fun! These classes will give children a variety of experience using different equipment and forms of exercise. Some examples of classes are: Youth Fitness, Teen Weightlifting and Gym Games.