Inclusion Support

Columbus Recreation and Parks Department encourages the participation of a diverse population and accommodates people with varying abilities and learning styles. Inclusion support staff develop accommodation plans to support campers with, but not limited to, developmental and learning disabilities, physical disabilities, sensory challenges, autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome and emotional challenges.

Reasonable accommodations are provided to enable an individual’s successful participation in camps and are used to enhance program participation without fundamentally altering the program. Accommodations also help staff create an environment where all campers can have a safe, successful and enjoyable recreation experience.

Inclusion Support Request

How to access inclusion support services:

  1. Register for your desired camp on ACTIVENet®
  2. Complete an Inclusion Support Service Request form by clicking below.
  3. Once a request is received, a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist will reach out within 3-5 business days to set up an intake meeting.
Inclusion Support Service Request
  • Accommodation requests are not required to participate in camp programs, however, all campers are required to meet the minimum participation guidelines and desired behavior expectations of the camp.
  • One-on-one staffing is not provided; however, campers may bring their own support person, who must pass a criminal background check.
  • Completing an accommodation request does not guarantee services will be available
  • For general questions, please email