Whetstone Park Improvements

Welcome to Whetstone Park!

The lower North field at Whetstone Park will be rebuilt to improve the playing experience of those fields. This will primarily be achieved by improved drainage and irrigation. This will result in a field that’s safer for play, requires fewer closures and is easier to maintain.

Due to these improvements, the field will not be available for use until the fall of 2025. Although construction will be completed much earlier, it will take time for the field to stabilize and grow, a necessary step for its establishment.

The lower field improvements are part of a broader plan to enhance Whetstone Park. A new playground has recently been added to the lower fields, and other near-term improvements include installing three new bleachers in the bandstand area within the Park of Roses, as well as replacing 26 picnic tables (four that will be ADA accessible), two new grills and two benches. During the Fall of 2024, the parking lot next to the enclosed shelter at the Park of Roses will be resurfaced and replaced.

Anticipated Project Schedule

Spring 2024: Construction begins

2024/2025: Field stabilizes and grows

Fall 2025: Perrmitted use of the field resumes


Key Dates

Dec. 7, 2023

Design plans will be shared with the Clintonville Area Commission meeting. After the presentation, representatives from the department and the engineer/design consultant team will be available to respond to questions about these and other planned improvements at the park in the coming years.