Alcohol Use Information

Alcohol Use

If you wish to have alcohol served during your event, you must obtain an “Alcohol Service Agreement” from the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department Rental and Permits Section. There is a $175 service fee for this agreement. The service fee is an addition to the regular rental rate for the facility. The permit holder must be a responsible adult, age 21 or older, with proof of identification. The permit holder must pay the service fee and complete the “Alcohol Service Agreement” prior to the event date to receive this privilege.

Alcohol Service Agreement

The alcohol service agreement can be completed in person at our office located at 1111 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43205, during normal business hours (M-F, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.) or it can be submitted online utilizing the following link:

Alcohol Service Agreement

Conditions for Alcohol Use

You must hire an “Approved Beverage Contractor” for the service of all alcohol at your event. The list of approved beverage contractors is maintained by the Columbus Recreation and Parks; Rental Services Section. A copy of this list is available upon request or by clicking the link below.  There can be no collecting of money or tickets in association with the alcohol service and groups cannot charge admission to an event serving alcohol.  “Approved Beverage Contractors” offer varying services ranging from serving alcohol you purchase, to full scale bar operations.  Some may require you purchase your alcohol from them or will only serve with the inclusion of a full catering contract.  There are a wide variety of services available from our 15+ Approved Beverage Contractors and we do not recommend any company.  We simply ensure they meet all requirements to operate in our facilities.

Approved Beverage Contractor List

Possession of alcoholic beverages, without an Alcohol Service Agreement and/or service of alcoholic beverages by anybody other than an Approved Beverage Contractor will result in immediate cancellation of permit/rental without refund. Those who fail to comply with all alcohol policies will be removed from the premises by Columbus police.