Outdoor Field Space

Columbus Recreation and Parks offers field space rentals at over 65 parks throughout Columbus. The athletic facilities within our parks require specialized maintenance and if overused, they can become damaged. We require permits to track usage and ensure we provide the best facilities to you, our customers. If you are interested in renting athletic space in one of our parks, please fill out the Sports Permit Request below and a member of our staff will contact you about your request.

Youth For-Profit


per hour/field
Youth Non-Profit


per hour/field
Community Sports Partner


per hour/field


per hour/pitch
Adult Multi-Purpose


per hour/field

Learn more about becoming a Community Sports Partner.

The rates shown above do not apply to any Prime Facilities including, but not limited to, Lou Berliner Sports ParkAnheuser-Busch Sports ParkKilbourne Run Sports ParkCooper Sports Park, Clowson Fields at Academy Park and Jackson Field at Driving Park.

Permit Request Form

Rules and Regulations

No independent or unauthorized concession stand or vendor is permitted in City parks.

If a conflicting request exists on the same day, the following criteria will be used to determine approval:

  • City sponsored programs and prior contractual obligations
  • Economic impact to the City of Columbus, Ohio
  • Number of fields and/or days. Full facility rentals receive priority
  • Pre-existing event with proven history
  • Major tournament (state, regional, national, international)
  • Rental history and past compliance with CRPD policies and procedures
  • Current condition of fields and impact to them and the complex

Rentable Facilities

Below is a list of all of the parks with rentable sports space. The tabs at the bottom of the sheet can be used to filter by sport type.

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