Inspire Sports

Inspire Sports written over a badge

Inspire Sports is a Parks and Protectors Alliance, a unique collaboration between Columbus Division of Police, Columbus Division of Fire and Columbus Recreation and Parks Department. Inspire Sports moves beyond the game and uses sports to help youth develop the skills needed to be successful in life. First responders mentor youth through sports leagues, tournaments and events. A first of its kind, Inspire Sports is paving the way, creating a model for cities across the U.S.

The program’s objectives are:

  • Develop Character: To help youth grow through sports, mentorship and educational programs, teaching them important life skills such as teamwork, discipline, perseverance, leadership and respect for others.
  • Build Trust and Foster Relationships: To help youth develop trust, understanding and respect for first responders, and to provide opportunities for first responders to exhibit how much they care for and respect youth and our community.
  • Strengthen Community Connections: To build a stronger community by involving community members, including parents, educators and volunteers

Our Values

Our values “INSPIRE” participants:

Inclusive. We are open to and provide opportunities for all.

Neighborhood Pride. We connect to our community through our passion for sports.

Safety. We provide a safe environment for all participants.

Personal Health. We improve the physical, mental and emotional health of all.

Integrity. We do the right thing, even when no one else is looking.

Respect. We demonstrate positive behavior, compassion and empathy.

Education. We are lifelong learners who work together to achieve goals.