Olentangy Trail

The Olentangy Trail spans from Worthington to downtown Columbus, along the scenic Olentangy River. The Olentangy Trail is known as one of the most popular trails in Columbus due to its connectivity with plenty of opportunities to explore natural, recreational, and cultural points of interest. The Olentangy Trail is an alternative route for the Ohio to Erie Trail.

The Olentangy Trail winds through some of the most loved parks, facilities, and spaces like The Ohio State University Campus, making it a prime destination for residents and visitors. The Olentangy Trail also connects with the Scioto Trail in downtown Columbus.

Olentangy Greenway

June 2024 – October 2025

Olentangy Trail will be under construction Summer 2024 – Fall 2025 due to the Olentangy Trail – Northmoor Clinton Como project (1006) and Olentangy Trail – Dodridge Step Connector (1047) project. The former will provide detour routes, the latter should not disrupt trail traffic, but construction will be alongside the trail.

Trail Information

14 Miles
Trailheads with Parking
  • Antrim Park
  • Clinton-Como Park
  • Northmoor Park
  • Tuttle Park
  • Whetstone Park
  • Worthington Hills Park
  • Olentangy Parkland (City of Worthington)
  • Worthington Flats (City of Worthington)
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