Great Art Getaway

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Great Art Getaway

Schiller Community Center

1069 Jeager St., Columbus, OH 43206

Smith Farms, the long-time home of this camp, is undergoing renovations in 2022. Downtown, but miles away from ordinary, campers will engage in activities tailored to their skill level and expand their creativity at the centrally located Schiller Community Center. Activities include creative “Artist of the Week” projects, nature hikes, scavenger hunts, mystery photos, improvisational games, water games and much more.

Campers are encouraged to wear and/or bring a jacket, long pants and/or an extra change of clothing to adjust to the elements. Swimwear, sunscreen and water shoes are necessary.

Lunch is provided daily. Campers with special dietary needs should pack lunch. Bring a water bottle. Please note: no refrigeration is available.


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Session 5 | #83338

July 11-15

Drawing on Your Creativity

Sharpen your pencils and hone your drawing skills during an exploration of drawing media. Creative uses of line drawing, shading, shape and form, still life and one-point perspective art explored. Projects focused on drawing media like pastel, colored pencil, oil pastel and more open up exciting worlds to young artists. Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher becomes our inspiration.

Sessions 6 | #83339

July 18-22

High Wire Act/ Calder’s Circus and Kedziora’s Acrobats

Step right up to see famed artist Alexander Calder’s Circus. Campers will engineer their own version of multimedia, mechanical marvels. Then, the high flying sculptures of Polish artist Jerzy Kedziora, which are placed throughout Scholler Park, are the source for discovery, sketching and constructing large scale figures.

Session 7 | #83366

July 18-22

Teen Week

Come as you are on this multimedia adventure for creative teens. Try your hand at tile mosaic, painting, pottery wheel, journaling and designing your own comic book. “Artist of the Week” activities and enjoying the serene nature in Schiller Park provide inspiration and relaxation while forming new friendships.

Session 8 | #83340

Aug. 1-5

Adventures in Africa

The beat of the drum will move your feet while scents of African cooking fill the air. Draw and paint customary patterns, design and stitch a traditional mud cloth garment, and build your own box drum. Mask making and hand-made beads complete this trek across the globe.