Field Rentals


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Fields are available for rental from March 1–November 14, 2021

Permit Requests submitted less than one business day before the date/time requested may not be processed. In order to ensure requests are processed, please submit all requests more than one business day before your requested time.

Please check field availability before submitting your permit request by clicking the button below. Availability is subject to change at any time and may not be reflected on this sheet.


All Sports

2-hour block

  • Bases and portable pitching mounds will be set to the designated distance.
  • Rainout dates can be transferred to an alternative date within the season.
  • All requests received will be scheduled based on receival of the request.
  • No refunds will be issued.
  • Games take precedence over practices.

$25 CRPD League Team Practices

CRPD League Teams who are registered and have paid can permit fields for a reduced fee at Anheuser-Busch and Lou Berliner Sports Parks.

  • The reduced fee is for a 2-hour block, Monday–Thursday, during the specified dates below.
  • Teams must include receipt number, team name, division and day in permit request.
  • The dates listed below represent the available days for CRPD League Teams to permit fields at a reduced rate.
  • Permit requests for the reduced rate will only be accepted one week prior to each session listed below.

Spring: March 1–3, 7–10    |    Summer I: April 11–14, 18–21    |    Summer II: July 18–21, 25–28    |    Fall: Aug. 29–Sept. 1, Sept. 6–8

Tournaments  |  Camps  |  Clinics

Fields are available from March 1—November 13, 2022.

2022 Tournament Request

2022 Sample Tournament Contract

Weekend dates are extremely limited.


Baseball / Fastpitch
Bronze Package

1-8 Fields

Field Preparation

Field Maintenance

On-Site Grounds Crew


Baseball / Fastpitch
Silver Package

9-16 Fields

Temporary Fence


Portable Restrooms


Baseball / Fastpitch
Gold Package

17-31 Fields

PM Fields Lights

Additional Security

Additional Portable Restrooms


Slowpitch Softball
Per Field

1-31 Fields

Field Preparation

Field Maintenance

On-Site Grounds Crew

All tournament permits include field use and trash clean-up.

Field Preparation includes bases and pitching mounds.

Additional dumpsters and portable restrooms may be required based on location.